A Little About Myself...

The 'True Believer' Years...

meHaving finished university in 2002, myself (and one or two others) decided to really go for in terms of making and selling our own comic books. Back then I was always drawing. A pencil and a pad of paper were the two things guaranteed to be found on my person at (almost) all times.

With only one of us having attempted this before, the rest of us were surprised to find just how complex the creative process of making a comic book actually was:

Ideas generation > character creation > planning/script > storyboarding/panelling > drawing > inking > screen toning/colouring > scanning > send to printers > receive comics > relax for a bit... > Sell! Sell! Sell! And hope to break even, or at least make our money back for the printing costs.

It was always more a labour of love, as travel meant we're 'in the red' from the start.

Nethertheless, we succeded in at least breaking even time and time again and enjoyed attending the top comic conventions in the UK to peddle our wares.

The Web Years...

2004 saw the start of a full-time web job with a small company. They had a few clients and had developed their own CMS (Content Management System). It was a pretty good place to work, with a nice chilled atmosphere, good colleagues and the two directors were pretty fun people. Sadly, two years later, the loss of a major client meant that in the six months that followed things got tighter and tighter financially, until they had to let everyone go.

A couple of months were spent temping as a web designer/producer, until spring 2006, where I landed at the company I would be at for the next 7 years. Unfortunately, in late 2013 the economic climate meant that redundancies had to be made.


In addition to web design, I also have some interest in Japanese culture (much less than I did in my tenage/early adult years) and had undertaken a series of evening classes in the language, reaching up to As Level. I have admittedly fogotten quite a lot of it since then, but still retain the basics.


I train in Kissaki-Kai: a form of karate with shotokan roots, but aimed towards actual defense and combat, rather than sport and tournaments.

I have also had some training in the use of the longbow (which I will be taking up again this year) and have had some training in the use of a long sword also.

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